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Two Homeless Dogs from Amelia Fly To New York For 2nd Chance

Cindy and Pilot Bob



An exciting program called Pilots N Paws made it possible for 2 homeless Pit
Bull Terriers named Christopher and Cocoa from the Amelia County Animal Shelter to fly to a rescue organization in New York where they will get a second chance at finding a forever home. Thanks to the generosity of pilots and plane owners, homeless animals in shelters all over the United States are receiving this second chance by being flown from areas with too many pets to places where there are new homes waiting to welcome them.
Recent Virginia Animal Control Officer’s Association Presidential award winner Cindy Case, (who is also the Amelia County Animal Control Administrative Assistant and an APAW member), coordinated with Horseheads Animal Shelter in Horseheads, New York, who agreed to rescue the 2 dogs and two generous pilots from Hagerstown, MD, who agreed to fly the dogs to New York. So on Wednesday, July 16th, Cindy delivered Christopher and Cocoa to the Chesterfield County airport where she loaded them on the airplane with Bob & Tom and sent them off on their new adventure!
Christopher and Cocoa are the 5th and 6th dogs from the Amelia County Animal Shelter to be flown to other states for a new home through the Pilots N Paws program. On December 12, 2009, Huckleberry the homeless Hound was the first dog to fly from Chesterfield to Ohio, and on June 20, 2010, Tony the homeless Hound became the second recipient of a flight from Lynchburg to Ohio. Then in July 2012, Mr. Spots was flown from the Chesterfiled airport to Lumbertown, NC, where he continued his journey by ground to a rescue in Florida, followed by Milly, the Beagle, who flew from the Chesterfield airport to a Beagle rescue in NJ in October 2013.
Excerpts from an e mail to Cindy from the pilot who transported Tony the Hound stated “He was an absolute pleasure to fly with for the entire 2 hour and 45 minute trek home.” “It was a great experience for Heidi” (his girlfriend) “and I and a great feeling to know that I could help save a dog’s life…It gives me a sense of purpose for taking a plane up and going flying, other than just for my own personal enjoyment.”
More information on this exciting animal rescue program can be found at which is intended to be a meeting place for those who rescue, shelter or foster animals, and pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of animals.
The animals available for adoption from the Amelia County Animal Shelter can be viewed at

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