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APAW Donates Pet Food To Christmas Mother’s Program Recipients

Christmas Mother's 2016

APAW gave out 100 bags of dog food, 50 bags of cat food and over 100 pet treats to the families who shopped for their children at the 2016 Amelia County Christmas Mother’s program. We wanted to make sure that our furry friends got a present at Christmas, too!

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Santa Paws is coming to the Amelia County Animal Shelter

2013 Santa Paws

Santa Paws came to town!!!

Santa Paws 2016

For the 11th year in a row Santa Paws and the elves were really good to the animals at the Amelia County Animal Shelter. The donations were delivered to the Shelter on Friday, December 23 and we were greeted by the Animal Shelters Staff, volunteers and a full house of dogs and cats (see the attached photos). It is such a rewarding experience to help make the dogs and cats in the Shelter a little more comfortable during their stay. I as well as the employees and volunteers at the Amelia County Animal Shelter and of course the dogs and cats thank you all, so, very much for your donations and your support. You all are so generous and Santa Paws can’t do it without you. Here are the total donations for the 2016 Santa Paws drive…

306 lbs. of dry food
85 cans of wet food
153 lbs. of cat litter
254 toys
22 bags of treats
101 collars and leashes
21 towels/blankets
340 ounces of dish detergent
37 rolls of paper towels
56 puppy pads
3 bottles of shampoo
1 box of de-wormer
1 box of ear wipes
And $1,300.00 in monetary donations!

WOW!!! You all are AMAZING!!!

Thank you all and have a Happy New Year!!!

Tamara Harver

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Buy a Kuranda bed to help the Amelia Animal Shelter

Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds

Kuranda Dog Beds

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