Amelia County Animal Control

Animal Control has become a multifaceted organization balancing citizen safety with animal protection. We house approximately 1,500 animals per year, which is nearly three times the number of animals that we housed in 1996. Maintaining a high degree of excellence has allowed us to become one of the top shelters of rural Virginia.

The shelter includes twelve (12) large dog runs, allowing us to house twenty (24) large dogs at one time, a puppy room with stainless steel rolling cages, allowing us to house approximately twenty (20) puppies and thirteen (13) cat cages, allowing us to house approximately twenty (20) cats. We also have an isolation room with one large rolling cage and one small rolling cage.

We promote our animals being housed at the shelter on the radio, in the local paper and on the internet at @ to reunite them with their owners and, if not, to hopefully find a new appropriate home. Also, feel free to call the Shelter at (804) 561-3878 or see their Facebook page for a more accurate listing of available cats and dogs. Adopters find a friendly knowledgeable staff always willing to help.

Due to public safety, animal safety and liability we removed the red “drop box” from in front of the shelter which allowed citizens to drop animals off after hours. Now citizens wishing to rid themselves of unwanted animals must call the shelter for a pick up or bring them in during regular business hours. This was necessary to protect citizens from the potential for serious injury from the often vicious animals, which were often left in the box.