Information for County Residents

If You Recently Moved to Amelia County

Anyone who brings a dog or cat that has not been inoculated against rabies into the County must have the animal inoculated by a currently licensed veterinarian within 30 days from when the animal enters the County. If the animal has a current inoculation, evidence of the inoculation must be available to the Animal Control Officers.

Which Dogs Need a License

Any dog over four (4) months of age must have a dog license. Amelia County dogs must be licensed annually. A dog license consists of a receipt and a metal tag. The tag may be purchased from the Treasurer’s Office at 16360 Dunn Street, Suite 103, Amelia, Virginia 23002. The tag will be stamped with Amelia County, serial number and the calendar year in which the dog tag is issued. Dog license receipts should be kept in a safe place and should be available for inspection upon request of an Animal Control Officer. The tag must be securely fastened to a substantial collar worn by the dog at all times. Any dog found loose in the County not wearing a county tag of the correct year will be considered a stray and will be impounded by the Animal Control. Cats are not required to be licensed. No license is required for any dog that is trained and serves as a guide dog or hearing dog serving the blind, deaf or hearing impaired person.

How to Get a License

You may obtain a dog license from the Treasurer’s Office by furnishing a certification of rabies vaccination and paying the license fees. No tag will be issued unless there is proof that a licensed veterinarian has vaccinated the dog against rabies.

When the License is Due

The licenses are available to be purchased any time after November 1 and must be purchased prior to January 31 for the coming year.
LICENSE FEES Each unneutered or unspayed dog $10.00
Each neutered or spayed dog $5.00
Kennels – 21 dogs or more – $50.00, 20 dogs or less – $35.00

Rabies Control

By law, dogs and cats that are four (4) months or older must be inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. For more information regarding low cost rabies clinics, call 804-561-3878.

What to do With Dead Animals on the Road

If unclaimed by the owner, dead animals are their responsibility of the Virginia Department of Transportation. Call 804-561-2411 to report such animal, giving an exact location for pick-up.

Animal Bites

All animal bites of human beings must be reported to the Amelia County Health Department at 804-561-2711 within 24 hours. Should you or your pet be bitten or scratched by a wild animal, report it immediately to the County Health Department at 804-561-2711 or call Animal Control at 804-561-3878. If you see a wild animal acting strangely, report it to the Animal Control Office, immediately. DO NOT APPROACH ANY WILD ANIMALS FOR ANY REASON!

The Leash Law

Amelia County does not have a countywide leash law. However, in the following portions of the County, dogs are prohibited to run at large: Genito Mills Estates, Section A & B and Winterham Estates. A dog shall be deemed to run at large while, roaming, running or self-hunting off the property of its’ owner or custodian and not under its’ immediate control.

What to do About Dogs Running at Large

First try talking with the owner of the dog(s). Should the problem continue, contact the Animal Control Office to report the problem. The Animal Control Officer is unable by law to take any action unless he/she witness’ the incident. The officer on patrol will log the information provided for future reference. Just because the officer cannot take immediate action does not mean that nothing can be done. You can take action by making an application for the violation of this section at the Magistrate’s Office. All dogs bearing tags are not considered running at large unless in designated areas of the County which have leash law or the dogs are loose April 15th through May 15th.

It shall be unlawful for any owner or custodian of any dog to allow any dog to run at large in the County of Amelia during the period of April 15th to May 15th of each calendar year. A dog shall be deemed to run at large while roaming, running or self-hunting off the property of its’ owner or custodian and not under its owner’s or custodian’s immediate control.

What Happens to Impounded Dogs

If your dog does not have identification, it will be kept for five (5) business days. If the dog has not been claimed at the end of five (5) days, the animal may be placed for adoption or otherwise disposed of. If the dog displays identification, the owner if possible will be notified of the impoundment and if no response the animal may be placed for adoption or otherwise disposed of. A $10.00 per day boarding fee will be assessed.

Animal Traps

The Animal Control Office has a limited number of small and large traps available for loan to property owners. These traps are loaned on a first come first serve basis.

Calls for Service

The calls for service are by time and date and prioritized. The calls are then handled according to priority first and then the order that they are received depending on the area of the county the officers are working.

Surrender of Animals

The Animal Shelter will accept dogs and cats from its owner at no charge. These animals must be brought to the shelter during regular shelter hours. All forms for the surrender are available a the shelter and must be completed before the animals can be accepted.

Emergency After Hours

Animal Control responds to calls after hours for emergencies only. It is an emergency if a domestic, farm, or wild animal is threatening the life or safety of a human. If an animal is injured and the owner can be located, then the care of the animal is the owner’s responsibility. To report emergencies after hours please call the Sheriff’s office at 804-561-2118.