Want to help, but you don’t have the time to volunteer? There are many ways you can help APAW through donation. The Amelia County Animal Shelter is always in need of everyday items such as dog food. Donating even one bag could make a difference for Amelia’s homeless pets. Other items currently needed are as follows:

Food Bowls
Kuranda Beds
Litter pans – need smallest size the most – but all sizes good!
Litter – non-clumping kind
Canned cat food
Kitten food – dry and canned
Puppy food – dry (small bites) and canned
Rawhide chews and big bones for all dogs
Balls and little mice for cats and kittens
Collars and leashes for puppies and dogs
Frontline or Advantage for all the animals
Large carriers
Air fresheners
Liquid detergent for laundry
Liquid detergent for dishes for litter pans, etc.
Framed pics. of cats and dogs to hang in the shelter

For a more up to date list, please contact the Amelia Animal Shelter at (804) 561-3878. If you do decide to donate items to the shelter, please either make an appointment with the shelter or come during the hours the shelter is open. For more information on when the shelter is open and its location, please see the Amelia County Animal Shelter portion of our website.

Monetary donations can be made to APAW and sent to P.O. Box 725, Amelia, VA 23002 or you can donate through PayPal by clicking on the button below.