Santa Paws Came to Town!!

For the 12th year in a row Santa Paws and the elves visited the animals at the Amelia County Animal Shelter and loaded them up with lots of goodies. The donations were delivered on Saturday, December 23 and we were greeted by the Animal Shelter’s Staff, volunteers and a full house of dogs and cats. It is such a rewarding experience to help make the dogs and cats in the Shelter a little more comfortable during their stay with these donations. I as well as the employees and volunteers at the Amelia County Animal Shelter and of course the dogs and cats thank you all, so, very much for your donations and your support. You all are so generous and Santa Paws can’t do it without you. Here are the total donations for the 2017 Santa Paws drive…

358 lbs. of dry food
109 cans of wet food
157 lbs. of cat litter
224 toys
72 lbs. of treats
33 collars, leashes and harnesses
25 items of clothing
7 cans of Vienna sausage (used for pill pockets)
2 doses of flea and tick treatment
6 doses of heartworm prevention
2 bottles of pet shampoo
12 beds
15 towels/blankets
1 bottle of Windex
4 gallons of bleach
1 bottle of cleaning spray
8 containers of cleaning wipes
8 bottles of dish soap
6 bottles of laundry detergent
33 rolls of paper towels
9 boxes of rubber gloves
And $2,735.00 in monetary donations!

You all are AMAZING!!!

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